Wrinkle Treatment

A Denist’s Training and Expertise is all about the faceAs a result of five years of university training dentists have vast knowledge on the location of all the nerves, blood vessels and muscles of the face.

This knowledge is crucial to not only achieving the best results, but also avoids potential complications.

Denists thoroughly understand complete facial aesthetics.

 There is an enormous advantage in having one artistic highly skilled facial specialists treatment both the teeth and the surrounding structures of the face.

A dentist works every minute of everyday on the face. Combining cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetic treatment the one professional can create an overall beautiful and youthful appearance in one appointment.

Dentists can make the procedures more comfortable.

As dentists are trained to deliver profound anaesthesia around the face all treatment can be carried out in total comfort. There is no need for you to endure painful facial aesthetic treatment without anaesthetic.

Dentists can treat complicated dental problems quickly and easily.

As well a providing aesthetic treatment, dentists can use these materials to offer simple treatment solutions for existing dental problems.

Relaxing tension in facial muscles can ease chronic pain from tooth grinding

Also gummy smiles can now be treated quickly and simply by relaxing the upper lip. This is a much more pleasant experience than painful gum surgery and the placement of crowns.